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Everything you need to know about the company

We're Creative

The word innovation best describes our mindset. To improve existing or to create something new. Approach that pushes the society a step ahead by deploying pure ideas into the real world.

We're Friendly 

We're outdoor people who love nature, climb mountains, ride bikes & relax in free time. We study smart, work hard for living, relax and loop again like phoenixes.

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Why Choose Us

Choosing business partners is tough. Let us convince you!


Comprehensive IT services from consultations to software development.


Innovative technological solutions for the growing needs of the IT sector.


Your IT is in highly skilled and experienced hands.


Customized team and software tailored to customer needs.


Technical support from our team of experts.


High-level security: We leverage advanced technologies to protect data and information, minimizing the risk of leakage or misuse.

Did You Know?

Only facts
Brno, Olomouc, Zlín
Great Locations
7+ Years in Business
Coffees Were Consumed

Our Services

We plan, design and deliver high quality software


We offer this comprehensive service to protect your system and data security.

Penetration testing, TLS/SSL certificates, DoS, phishing, backdoor protection

Cloud Computing

Get your platform ready for load.

Scaling, auto-deployment, load balancing, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack

Machine Learning

We know how to enhance your applications with adaptive algorithms.

Tensorflow, Apache Spark, MLlib, AWS ML

Web Services

Our geeks have developed a respectable range of servers so far. We carry on!

Test Automation

Enhance your system reliability with a range of automated test tools and frameworks.

Acceptance, integration, load, smoke, unit testing


We are real experts in putting a system together with a 3rd party.

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

Classical programming.
Optimized code in C/C++ can be damn fast.

Cloud computing.
We rule Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud Platform.

Data persistence.
Spring Data, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, Hybernate, Hazelcast, JPA, JDBC, ...

Modern times.
Java works great with web services and scaled platforms.

Machine learning & big data.
We have learned how to process big data & use adaptive algorithms.

Modern times.
Python allows to scale even the most complex applications with ease.

Cyber security.
Penetration & performance testing, OWASP
OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, user authentication, certificates, encryption, digital signature

100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
Machine learning
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
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How We Do It

Working together to achieve great results

Project Analysis & Planning

We will help you to define the product requirements, estimate costs & delivery dates.

Design & Development

We are bright system architects & smart developers.

Staging & Testing

An iterative stage for bug fixing to assure best quality.

Launch & Grow


Project references

Nigel Pugh, CTO

"The team at Servermechanics are highly skilled and their experience in IoT is industry-leading. I found them very flexible, knowledgeable, and delivery focussed. They are quick to get up to speed and begin delivering meaningful value, and they show dedication right through to the project lifecycle to deliver the end result. Big thank you to Mirek and his team."

Matthew Smart, Co-Founder

"Mirek and his colleagues were able to quickly integrate with our existing development team and get up to speed on a highly complex project . The quality of their contribution was first class and we would have no hesitation in using their services again in future projects."

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The SRM team
Mirek Ingr
Radim Ciz

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